Intersolar Europe: mp-tec presents new solar carport systems

Johanna Köhle Press, Products, Trade show

(Munich/Eberswalde, 24 May 2012) The Eberswalde-based solar installation company Mp-tec GmbH & Co. KG is presenting its new solar carports for the first time at Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading trade fair for the solar industry. On show will be the “Solarcarport Comfort” in steel and the “Solarcarport Eco” in aluminium. With their modular design, both carport versions are expandable to an almost unlimited degree and can thus be used to cover smaller areas for private households as well as considerably larger areas. Possible scenarios here are customer or employee car parks. For large systems, expansion joints should be included in planning.

The “Solarcarport Comfort” is a structurally and visually sophisticated solution, as it makes no use of central pillars or other restrictions. In this version, the module platform is supported by cantilever legs, i.e. just one row of supports. As a result, the carport is only restricted at its end: there is room for cars to manoeuvre as well as for getting in and out, the distribution of parking spaces remains flexible and allows for the greatest parking convenience. At the same time, the risk of bodywork damage is minimised. “Solarcarport Comfort” is suitable for vehicles not exceeding a height of two metres. It consists of just a few system components, enabling rapid and simple erection. There is no need for an additional collision protector.

The design of the steel version has a spacious and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Just like the aluminium version, the steel carport is very easy to maintain, resistant to corrosion and lastingly stable. The steel carport is based on block foundations and is optionally available for one or two rows. In the single-row version, it is designed for at least two spaces, in the double-row version for at least four.

The aluminium “Solarcarport Eco” is based on strip foundations and has a clearance height of 2.20 metres. It is supported by pillars which only restrict the carport at its sides, and is consequently accessible from both ends. A collision protector prevents damage to the carport. “Solarcarport Eco” is based on the in-house and DEKRA-certified Quick-Line assembly system from Mp-tec and is also available for a single parking space. Both types of carport can be fitted with rainwater gutters. The designs can be customized with colour anodising of the aluminium profiles or powder coating of the steel carport. It is also possible to future-proof the carport by upgrading the system with a charging station for electric vehicles. Both carport types will be available from late summer 2012.

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