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For the highest possible level of own consumption and thus for the maximum degree of independence from your electricity supplier, mp-tec can provide you with the system for own consumption that is right for you.

A sturdy base with a system – mp-tec’s QUICK.LINE mounting system. Aside from made-to-measure systems, we also provide a range of modular components created as standard building blocks. These components can be deployed with great flexibility and, thanks to their pre-assembled parts, can be put together on site quickly and economically.

Become a power producer yourself and generate energy with mp-tec`s SOLAR.CARPORTs. High-performance solar modules turn your simple shelter for your car into your own personal ecological power plant. Use the power you gain for your offices, household or electric car alike. The SOLAR.CARPORT from mp-tec pays off!

With individual and versatile solar pumping systems mp-tec ensures in off-grid regions an autonomous and reliable supply of drinking water.