ground mounting systems

The mp-tec ground mounting systems provide the perfect solution for medium-sized and large-scale photovoltaic systems on level sites. Our ground mounting systems can be used for framed and unframed modules in single-row, multi-row, horizontal or vertical arrangements. The use of high-quality materials ensures the stability and long service life of the support framework.

Every day counts for system operators and investors when assembling large ground-mounted systems. mp-tec’s ground mounting systems stand out for their simple, practical design and their easy assembly.

The time saved through using a design in which ease of assembly is a priority can save enormous expense, particularly when building large-scale systems.

Our grounf mounting systems can be built on almost any surface through the use of pile-driven posts and/or concrete foundations.

With their expert in-house planning skills and ability at creating flexible individual adjustments, our engineers ensure that every project we are involved in receives the best, most efficient possible supporting framework solution.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Extremely fast on-site assembly through high level of pre-assembly and reduced need for specialized tools
  • Excellent capacity for adjustment through flexible length of support tables
  • Flexible support foundations using pile-driven posts or concrete foundations
  • Long service life of system
  • System based on steel/aluminium or steel/steel structures
  • Galvanic isolation of aluminium profiled struts
  • Adjustable module slope angle of 10° to 30°, depending on the customer requirement
  • Comprehensive interchangeability of modules through use of framed and unframed modules
  • Maximum safety through structural study on a project-by-project basis

 one-pile mounting system single.syst

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The SINGLE.SYST two-pile mounting system has been developed by our mp-tec engineers. Where it scores in particular is in its flexibility and its time-saving on-site assembly.

SINGLE.SYST is the perfect choice for a location with an uneven surface. A variety of possibilities are available, depending on the requirements of your project: Pile-driven posts or concrete foundations.

The steel variant of the SINGLE.SYST single-foot mounting system combines the advantages of a single-foot system with the cost savings of zinc-magnesium-coated steel parts and hot-dip galvanized components.

The wide range of possible array configurations provide the perfect, cost-efficient solution for special project-related requirements.

You can find our fact sheet on our SINGLE.SYST single-foot mounting system here:

SINGLE.SYST fact sheet

two-pile mounting system DOUBLE.SYST

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The DOUBLE.SYST two-pile system gives maximum performance taking up the minimum space. Even if you opt to use two pile-driven posts, you can put DOUBLE.SYST together extremely quickly.

You can find our fact sheet on our DOUBLE.SYST two-pile mounting system here:

DOUBLE.SYST fact sheet