Roof-top mounting systems

a modular building-block-based system for
all types of solar modules


High-quality materials and excellent finishing are decisive factors in ensuring that both small-scale photovoltaic systems and large-scale solar power plants can be installed not just quickly and easily all over the world using the mp-tec system. mp-tec systems can be relied on to run with absolute reliability throughout their long service life. Our international customers value the quality and easy installation of our tried and tested QUICK.LINE mounting system for deployment on pitched and flat roofs and on on-ground sites.

Our in-house developed QUICK.LINE mounting system, which has won multiple awards, is based on high-quality components that can be deployed almost universally.

Its modular system made up of perfectly seamless building blocks provides the quality and flexibility that allows it to provide a solution for every mounting situation and for every application.

We are proud that QUICK.LINE’s simplicity and long service life has been proving itself to our customers all over the world for more than a decade.

New components are added continuously to our mounting system as they complete development. mp-tec can deliver individual components or completely assembled, tailor-made frame systems. This ensures that our customers’ investments in renewable energies are built upon a solid base.

mp-tec provides a 5-year guarantee for the QUICK.LINE mounting system.

Conditions of Guarantee

You can find a complete overview of our QUICK.LINE range in our support frame catalogue.

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The aerodynamic system for photovoltaic systems mounted on flat roofs


The aerodynamic and technically fine-tuned SNOW.FLAKE system for flat roofs allows you to use the photovoltaic potential of many flat and slightly pitched roofs to the full.

The system can generally be mounted on site without any need for additional ballast, which means that the system can be used even on systems with very little extra load-bearing capacity.

SNOW.FLAKE scores with its uniquely easy assembly and small number of individual components.

The practical mounting rails on the south-facing system ensure that the assembled system is uniquely gentle on your roof.

The east-west system allows you to cover your roof as efficiently as conceivably possible, as the system does not require any shading distances between panels.

The system’s improved generation levels and unbeatable value for money makes it extremely effective for operators.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Quick assembly – no other mounting system can be put together as quickly.
    Pre-assembly and the small number of parts save you time and money.
  • Proven safety – structural stability, materials, processing methods and production facilities have all been checked and VDE certified.
  • Gentle on your roof – can be mounted without any boring or puncturing, while ensuring a free flow of rainwater can run safely off your roof.
  • Designed with aerodynamics in mind – the design was developed using a wind tunnel to ensure that the wind flows harmlessly over the system.
  • 100% recyclable – the materials used in the framework are designed to last 20 years and are 100% recyclable.

You can find a complete overview of our SNOW.FLAKE system for flat roofs in our product presentation catalogue

SNOW.FLAKE product presentation