Solar carport

For large carport installations
the SOLAR.CARPORT modular carport system


Solar carports have long been a popular supplement or alternative to classical on-roof solar systems. Their decisive advantage is that SOLAR.CARPORT can generally be installed entirely independently of the shape and orientation of a house. mp-tec’s SOLAR.CARPORT combines attractiveness, economy and functionality.
QUICK.LINE’s high-quality, high-performance modules and its small number of frame components (which have been tested and approved by DEKRA) provide all the materials you need to build everything from a simple one-car carport to a large solar carport system. Due to its reduced number of individual component parts, our high-quality and weatherproof SOLAR.CARPORT is easy and quick to assemble.


Carport variant Aluminium


Carport variant Steel

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Variable module surface area

The carport is sized so that almost any module can be mounted on it.

Safety through openness

Our SOLAR.CARPORT ECO is supported by pillars that close off the carport only from the side, which allows cars to access it from both front and back. The collision protection on each on-pillar connection prevents damage to the carport.

The SOLAR.CARPORT COMFORT provides a particularly structurally and visually attractive solution as it can completely do without any side support structures or any other barriers. In this product variant the module platform is supported by cantilevered legs – in other words by a single row of supports. Due to the absence of side barriers, each individual parking space allows easy and safe manoeuvring and car door opening.

Sturdy, tough construction

The tough, long-service-life basic construction is made of weather-proof aluminium, which makes it just as low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant and sturdy as the steel variant.

Flexible size

The carport is available in sizes from one parking space upwards, and can be extended practically without limits thanks to its modular structure. It can be used to cover small spaces in private houses (for use as a parking space for the family car, for example) but also for providing weather shelter for larger areas. Other uses for it include the provision of covered customer and employee parking spaces.

You can find our SOLAR.CARPORT product brochure here.