Solar pump systems


Individually planned solar powered pump systems for large-scale plants

Without sustainable and efficient irrigation and water supply systems, progress and development are impossible. Renewable energy sources together with innovative energy conversion and pump systems form the basis of the SOLAR.SEED ready-for-use pump system.
Solar powered pump systems can be employed to provide water in any part of the world. Pump systems are a simple and versatile solution in areas far from any water network in the field of agriculture and pasture farming but also for drinking water supply, sewage treatment, tourism and pisciculture.

The realization of a solar powered pump system adjusted to your individual needs requires a great deal of expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge. For this reason, mp-tec works closely with world renowned partners, KSB AG, a world leading manufacturer of pumps and fittings and  HARTMANN Elektrotechnik, a well-known supplier of electrical engineering services and electrical equipments.

A high-performance solar-pump power inverter optimizes the energy production of the photovoltaic system, thus guaranteeing efficient usage of the water pump. Already existing pump systems using diesel generators can be converted easily to use SOLAR.SEED to increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

In this area, please see our reference projects in Egypt, which we carried out in cooperation with EGYMEC Solar Energy.

Referenzobjekt Ägypten

You can find our SOLAR.SEED brochure here:

SOLAR.SEED brochure

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The solar powered submersible pump system is designed to provide an autonomous, network independent supply of ground water. The system can be deployed anywhere in the world and is designed for continous and short operation and thus particularly suitable for water supply installations in remote locations.

Its modular structure guarantees that all components can be used with great flexibility and can, depending on local conditions, pump water from as deep as 100 m with a capacity of up to 10,000 litres per hour.

Features and benefits

  • Easy system assembly due to in-factory pre-assembly
  • Photovoltaic modular installation with tried and tested aluminium rods from our own in-house QIUCK.LINE mounting system.
  • Flexible installation of the module platform on roofs, water tanks or ground foundations
  • Optional: Water storage system, controlled using fill level limitation system, with system earthing set
  • Makes fresh, clean water available at all times
  • Easy installation and maintenance of the pump