Data communication

Round-the-clock system monitoring

Optimized monitoring of your photovoltaic system to keep tabs on what it is doing at all times.




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Aside from solar power inverters, SMA also provides monitoring systems for photovoltaic systems.

Sunny Home Manager        

For easy system monitoring and intelligent device management, SMA’s Sunny Home Manager provides the perfect solution. All standard household devices can be controlled using Bluetooth® remote control sockets.

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Data logger

Whether you need the basic Sunny Beam model or the Sunny WebBox solution for medium-sized and larger photovoltaic systems, SMA data loggers provide the monitoring, data recording and display facilities you need. In case of any fault, the Sunny Beam will emit an acoustic signal, while the Sunny WebBox will even send you an e-mail or SMS message.

Sunny Webbox PDF
Sunny Beam with Bluetooth PDF
Sunny Webbox with Bluetooth PDF