Off-grid systems

High-quality components for
an independent solar energy system.


Off-grid systems are deployed, where there is no opportunity to connect up with the grid. These days electric energy has become an indispensable asset, but one that is simply not available under the same conditions all over the world.

On the one hand, there is a large number of countries in the world that possesses only a weak power infrastructure and, on the other, there are still some regions in some highly industrialized countries which, due to

their remote geographical position, have no or only intermittent power and/or water supplies. By using off-grid systems, inhabitants of regions outside the grid can take advantage of solar energy to provide their own independent power supply.

Whether the power is used for private or industrial purposes, we can offer complete systems for all sorts of applications and with a wide range of sizes.

Depending on the deployment location and the rating required, we can provide you with the perfect system and with comprehensive advice on how to set your system up.


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