Ready-to-install systems

Pre-configured SOLAR.KITS for greater independence

mp-tec’s complete ready-to-install systems contain all you need to create your photovoltaic system. Our solar systems are all put together using individual components of the highest possible quality. Generate your own electrical power and free yourself from increasing electricity prices. The subject of off-grid consumption with or without storage systems is now becoming an increasingly important topic for consumers.

You can reduce your electricity costs drastically over the next few decades. A solar power system on your roof is extremely worthwhile financially and can dramatically increase the value of your house. The installation of a photovoltaic system in a private house is and will remain a sound investment well into the future, adding lasting value to your property.

PV-Kit with Nedap Power Router

PV-Kit with SMA Smart Energy solution


Complete ready-to-install solar systems for private homes:
  • Expert advice and service
    You can trust us as your expert partner. We provide you with the support you need during planning and will be delighted to advise you personally.
  • Well thought out
    You get high-quality and well matched components as a complete package from us. This guarantees that your photovoltaic system performs with complete reliability over a long service life.
  • Quality products guaranteed
    The extraordinarily wide choice of manufacturers available ensures our systems’ reliable performance and failure-free operation.
  • With a storage solution wherever one is required
    Depending on your consumption pattern and personal preferences, you may want to receive the all-in-one storage solution by Nedap, including a Nedap PowerRouter and the new Resu 6.4 Lithium-ion battery.
  • Well established and top quality QUICK.LINE mounting system including accessories
    Our high-quality mounting system includes all load-bearing frames down to the last nut and bolt needed to assemble your photovoltaic system on site.

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