System accessories

Other technical components for your photovoltaic system

We supply high-quality cable and plugging systems for assembling and maintaining solar systems, as well as performance optimizers for photovoltaic systems and components to help protect your system.


Connector systems

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Multi-contact is now a worldwide market leader in solar plug-in connection systems. You can connect up photovoltaic systems of all types with a broad range of cable coupling systems and multi-socket connections. The innovative technology inside such components will ensure the efficient operation of your photovoltaic system.


Power optimizers

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SolarEdge is a worldwide technology and market leader in the area of module-level performance electronics. SolarEdge power optimizers can be connected up with complete flexibility to any module. Alternatively, they can also be used to replace the classic connection sockets of a module. Power optimizers maximize the energy production of each individual module using continuous MPP tracking.