Project Services


mp-tec is a specialist in the global planning of photovoltaic systems, both on commercial and industrial roofs as well as ground-mounted. We offer engineering services throughout all service phases. It’s absolutely essential to have a good understanding of the services to be delivered due to specific requirements of customers and countries. Successful planning requires good preparation and the constant coordination of interdisciplinary interfaces.

Engineering services in detail:

  • Our recommendation for the power plant options which are potentially the “Best choice for the customer” are based on the customer’s specifications such as output, maximum sole usage, optimum land use, etc. To realize this, one-of-a-kind optimization software with interfaces to industry standard tools are used.

    screenshot of engineering software
  • After settling on the optimal power plant design, the detailed planning of the power plant is carried out. For this purpose, the following modules listed below can be offered:

    • Survey of work on site (site measuring, property lines, shading objects, contour lines, creation of a digital terrain model …)
    • Retrieval of network information (electricity, water, gas …)
    • Creation of the first detailed layout design taking into account: Table series arrangement, positions of inverters and transformers, AC link, fence, foundations, roads, etc.
    • Creation of further detailed design after layout finalization
    • Creation of the “Ready for Construction” drawings and documents
    • Construction schedule including identification of the critical path

    Additional services such as yield reports, ground assessments and glare evaluations, animated videos, supervision during construction and technical advisor, characteristic line measurement for modules, strings and module batches, thermographic recordings