Project Services


We offer a comprehensive EPCM Service package for our customers. ENCO.SYST is an intelligent management service which effectively combines our expertise in the analysis, planning and implementation of solar power plants as well as our knowledge in the area of mounting systems. Our long-standing experience in the planning and implementation of major international projects on roof-tops and ground-mounted, along with our strong network partners, allow us to positively influence the catalysts for cost-, resource- and time-optimized planning as well as implementation of your PV project.

In short: As an EPCM partner, we act as the main representative, taking care of your project using our comprehensive expertise in international photovoltaics project management as well as our excellent project management skills.

With ENCO.SYST, we guarantee our customers the interface-overarching and optimized overall project management of all project phases or in specific subsectors.


  • Optimized Plant Design
  • Consultation and Procurement of Services
  • Deadline Monitoring

Procurement Management

  • Consultation on Procurement Optimization
  • Procurement Planning
  • Quality Control and Approval
  • Deadline Monitoring

Construction management

  • Site Supervision, Management of Activities
  • Coordination between planning and plant engineering and construction
  • Construction Planning and Deadline Monitoring
  • Turnaround Management
  • Commissioning Management

Overview of EPCM Service ENCO.SYST

  • EPCM 1
  • EPCM 2
  • EPCM 3
  • EPCM 4

Customized Cooperation

The focuses of our services are deadlines, budgets and quality. We have the necessary skills for each project phase. Thanks to our range of project services, we have mastered the technical complexity in each photovoltaic project and meet all requirements in terms of efficiency and time.

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